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Delivering faster, more efficient and automated engineering solutions to clients

Our team of technical specialists, systems design engineers and industry specialists deliver you customer-driven data-rich solutions with speed and accuracy. From ParaMatic Projects BIM Solutions to Engineering Services such as 3D scanning, detailing and plant layouts, or Brownfields Engineering to ParaMatic Developments custom-made Engineering Software Solutions, to Automation and more – we transform the way you engineer, increasing efficiency. Ranging from high-level concept layouts to detail engineering, fabrication drawings and more, we are proud to help our clients in a multitude of industries – innovating and automating engineering worldwide.

By incorporating BIM solutions, we can create an integrated stream of information from project design to installation, maintenance and operation across a multi-disciplinary platform, including detailed weights and bill-of-quantities to ensure accurate costing, project management and procurement. Compiling reports is done with a click of a button, thanks to the data-rich objects in Tekla. IFC files allow easy communication to minimize user errors when transferring information from one package to another. With the automatic drawing creation function in Tekla, creating detailed drawings are more efficient than on any other platform.

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Clients need seamless engineering of industrial plant designs - with the ever-increasing complexity of projects and the need for more accurate and adaptive data at the earliest phases of projects. Let us create an integrated stream of information in an accurate data-rich BIM solution to help you transform the control of your projects from design through to installation.

3D Scanning

Our 3D Laser Scanning solution ensures we capture the necessary information regarding assets for accurate modelling and detailing modifications or relocations. From point cloud visualization to detailed engineering and drawings, we guarantee accuracy and a cost & time reduction.

Engineering services

Ranging from high-level concept layouts to detail engineering to detailing for fabrication and everything in-between, we are proud to help our clients in a multitude of industries - innovating and automating engineering worldwide.

Engineering Software

As experienced Tekla Open API developers adopting a One-Platform-for-All thinking, we customized Tekla - creating a series of tailor-made engineering solutions to improve our efficiency to deliver integrated cross-industry streams of accurate data-rich information.


We give the client the wheel. We create custom solutions, tailor-made for the client’s specifications and standards for any repeat engineering products or processes including conveyors, tanks and mechanical components.

Brownfields Engineering

We use our in-house developed software with 3D laser scanning and our mechanical, structural, and civil detailing expertise to ensure seamless detailing in brownfields projects. Investigate alternative routings, retrofitting options or develop construction or deconstruction sequences to suit your requirements.

A ParaMatic Capability

Our capabilities include structural detailing, civils, platework, detailing and automated NC files – all within Tekla – and then incorporating our very own ParaMatic Developments such as our Piping and Cabling Add-ons for Tekla.

Faster, more efficient, automated greenfields and brownfields engineering projects are the way to go!


Fast, efficient, automated delivery of engineering

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